In order to present the project and create the External Advisory Council (EAC) of LIFE RIBERMINE, on June the 9th, 2020, a meeting was held with the beneficiaries of the project and representatives of various companies and organizations.
In addition to the coordination and different project partners, this meeting was attended by representatives of the following companies or institutions, via videoconference:
– Lafarge-Holcim España
– Heidelberg Cement Hispania (Hanson)
– Fundación Tormes E.B.
– Geoparque Molina Alto Tajo
– First Quantum Minerlas LTD (Cobre las Cruces, S.A)
– Ministerio para la Transición Ecológica y el Reto Demográfico (Gob. España)
– Empresa de Desenvolvimento Mineiro, EDM (Portugal)
After a brief presentation of the project, which highlighted the aims of replicability and transfer of the methodologies used in it, the External Advisory Council (EAC) of the LIFE RIBERMINE project was established with the unanimity of all attendees. However, members of other institutions may be integrated into this EAC in the future.
The functions of the EAC are to propose improvements to the project, to participate in the days and conferences organized within the framework of the project and to attend to the Coordination Meetings, where the members of the CAE will have a voice (but not the right to vote).
Once the EAC was established, the members of the EAC gave their opinions and proposed different activities that could be incorporated into the project. In addition, they highlighted the opportunities that LIFE RIBERMINE can offer in the field of mining restoration, as well as in the revitalization of two very depressed regions at population level.
The coordinator and partners of the project took note of the constructive proposals and thanked the participation and support of all those present.

Companies and organizations that are part of the External Advisory Council (CAE) of the LIFE RIBERMINE project