Actions and timetable


The LIFE RIBERMINE project comprises the following actions:

A. Preparatory Actions

In this action, all the necessary measures for the development of the project will be considered. These actions will be part of all procedures aimed at acquiring the permits and licenses needed to the elaboration of the construction projects and reforestation actions, based on the biotic and abiotic characterizations of each location.

B. Implementation actions

Based on the project’s execution plan, the land will be transformed through geomorphological rebuilding. Subsequently, soil preparation and revegetation will be carried out, as stipulated in the Preparatory Actions.

C. Monitoring the impact of the project actions

The monitoring of the biotic and abiotic media will be carried out, as well as the socio-economic impact of the project in the region. In addition, the impact on ecosystem services will be assessed.

D. Public awareness and dissemination of results

Elaboration and construction of the internal and external communication platforms of the project, creating a vehicle for its dissemination and wider communication and the respective results. This component includes a digital component (web page and social networks), the construction of technical dissemination materials for the project, and the elaboration of the replication and transfer plan of the applied methodologies.

E. Project management

It includes all the management actions, task execution planning and communication, carried out during the project. This component will culminate in the elaboration and execution of the AFTER-LIFE Plan.

Complete Timetable


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