The Second Coordination Meeting of the LIFE RIBERMINE project was held using an online application (due to the COVID-19 pandemic), on the past May 27th, 2020.
This meeting, organized by the project Coordinator (Minas JCCM) and the partner UCM, started with an evaluation of the effects of the health crisis by COVID-19. It was concluded that, although the project has suffered some delays, they are not significant and, therefore, do not prevent the correct development of the project. Then, each one of the partners explained the progress obtained since the last Coordination Meeting, highlighting the following achievements of the project:
– purchase of the domain and development of the website and profiles for social networks
– conclusion of the Communication Plan
– elaboration of the Restoration Plan of the Santa Engracia mine (Peñalem, Spain)
– incorporation of new staff
– convening of a meeting for the constitution of the External Advisory Council (EAC).

Subsequently, a brief review of the financial situation of the project was carried out and, finally, the activities to be developed over the following 6 months (until the next Coordination Meeting that will take place in late October or early November 2020), were scheduled.

Some of the participants in the second Coordination Meeting of the LIFE RIBERMINE project (through online call).

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