The Mines and Quarries Restoration Network is an association recently created thanks to the interactions developed during the LIFE TECMINE and RIBERMINE projects, between the different agents involved in the management of mining areas.
The Network is made up of personnel belonging to universities, the public sector, consultancies and mining companies, who seek to exchange knowledge and promote the use of the best available techniques in mining restoration.
In collaboration with the Network, the LIFE RIBERMINE project held a webinar on 8 May entitled ‘Revegetation techniques on geomorphological restoration and slopes’ where the restoration techniques applied in the project were explained, especially revegetation techniques and their results.
To complete the theoretical knowledge imparted in the webinar, a visit to the LIFE RIBERMINE action areas in the old Santa Engracia mine took place on 24 May, where the different revegetation treatments used depending on the characteristics of the slopes created in the geomorphological restoration could be seen in situ.
It should be noted that the LIFE RIBERMINE project has been the setting for the first visit of the Network, serving as a finalized example of these innovative revegetation techniques.