The LIFE RIBERMINE project has been invited to participate in a training session in the framework of the European funding project Erasmus+ka220 “Every day is a Friday”. This project, developed by the teachers at the High School (I.E.S) La Albuera in Segovia (Castilla y León), has as its main theme Sustainability and Climate Change. The project aims to reduce the ecological footprint and give voice to the students so that, in addition to raising awareness, they can propose actions aimed at this end.

José Francisco Martín Duque (UCM) during the LIFE RIBERMINE lecture.

In the framework of his training week, José Francisco Martín Duque (UCM) gave a presentation in which he explained the different actions of the LIFE RIBERMINE project and discussed with students and teachers from high schools in Denmark, Belgium, Latvia and the Czech Republic present at the event, the need for mining and its restoration and the important role it should play in order to be part of the principles of sustainability, also trying to reduce its ecological and environmental impact.
The 50 participants were very interested in the LIFE RIBERMINE project and admired the techniques and results obtained so far. It was a very gratifying event due to the high participation of the attendees.

Some of those attending the event held in the framework of the Erasmus+ka220 project “Every day is a Friday” with the LIFE flag.