The LIFE RIBERMINE joined the celebrations of the “Week of partners of the itinerary on mines, mining and geological points of interest in Portugal, 2022”, aimed at all audiences, which took place from April 4th to 10th in several portuguese locations. In Lousal, similar to what had happened in 2021, the “Mine of Science – Centro Ciência Viva do Lousal”, celebrated on April 9th, 2022, through an interpretive walk of about 6 km, along the mining village of Lousal and its surroundings.

Start of the walk at the “Mine of Science – Lousal Science Center”.

The participants were able to learn about various aspects of the history, landscape and natural and human heritage of Lousal, including, for example, the open-pit, well-preserved and biodiverse sections of Ribeira de Corona (with high interest for conservation), and the Lousal Pilot Project.

Former primary school path, with traditional olive groves, pine forests and holm oak and cork oak “montado”.

In addition to the contemplation and enjoyment of visually striking and extremely informative spaces from a geological point of view, such as the historic heap and the acid lakes of the open-pit, the participants were made aware of the unwanted legacies of metallic mining (Acid Mining Drainage – AMD), observable in the red waters, and, of the importance of the LIFE RIBERMINE project, in improving the quality of water and soils in the region.

Monument “Homage to the Miners”.

The excellent reaction of the participants when visiting the restored area, once again reaffirmed the enormous potential of ecological restoration in mining, both in environmental recovery and as an educational, recreational and heritage resource for old mining áreas.

Perspectif of the open-pit of Lousal.

Corona stream and riparian gallery.

In the future, Life Ribermine hopes to continue to participate in these celebrations for the dissemination and appreciation of the mining heritage!

Lousal Pilot Project Area.

Group photo in the Lousal Pilot Project.