The examples of ecological restoration based on geomorphology from the LIFE RIBERMINE Project, have been disclosed at the “International Ecomining Summit” ( held on November the 17th, 18 th and 19 th 2021, in Medellín (Colombia).

Ignacio Zapico Alonso presenting examples from the LIF RIBERMINE Project.

In this important international event, Organized by the “Government of Antioquia” in collaboration with the” Advanced Leadership Foundation”, the Speaker Ignacio Zapico Alonso was present, on behalf of José Francisco Martín Duque, Team leader of the Geomorphological Restoration Group (Complutense University from Madrid).
The exhibition, “Towards a sustainable mining activity through ecological restorations with a geomorphological base”, included two slides from the LIFE RIBERMINE Project, and they were extremely well received!

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