The CCVL (Centro Ciência Viva do Lousal) installed two outdoor information panels, in the vicinity of the future LIFE RIBERMINE intervention area in Lousal, on 29th March 2021. These panels are intended to mark and provide information to the public about the Project, detailing aspects of the Lousal Pilot Area, whose implementation in the field is scheduled for September to November 2021. In this context, a mobile roll-up was also produced, which is displayed at the reception of CCVLousal.
The Lousal Pilot Area will have an experimental and demonstrative character, consisting of a physical intervention on the ground, which will apply the BAT (Best Available Techniques) and the principles of ecological restoration LIFE RIBERMINE (topographic reconfiguration of the landscape, reconstitution of the soil profiles, edaphic amendment and revegetation with native species of the region).
It acts at the level of the hydrographic basins, with the main objective of correcting the DAM (Acid Mine Drainage) caused by the old metallic mining of pyrites, thus raising the pH of the soil, in order to improve the quality of the waters of the region and associated ecosystems.
The CCVL team awaits you for a visit!

Placing a vertical panel at the entrance to the old pyrite road.

LIFE RIBERMINE mobile roll-up.

Some members of the CCVLousal team next to the vertical panel (entrance to the old pyrite road).

Some members of the CCVLousal team next to the horizontal panel (Área Piloto do Lousal).