The mining recovery projects LIFE RIBERMINE and “La Chanta”, carried out on the 10th of March, an exchange in the respective areas of intervention. Team members from both projects, restoration of the “La Chanta” quarry (Corpa, Madrid), managed by the company LafargeHolcim, and LIFE RIBERMINE (Santa Engracia mine, Peñalén), coordinated by Castilla-La Mancha Gov. had the opportunity to exchange visits and knowledge.
The LIFE RIBERMINE members visited the “La Chanta” quarry guided by the technicians responsible for the restoration works, who showed the site and explained the ongoing re-naturalization processes. In “La Chanta”, the same geomorphological remodeling techniques used by the LIFE RIBERMINE Project were applied, which transform unstable areas into smooth forms that mimic a natural river landscape, through the application of the GeoFluv ™ method. Various actions, with the aim to promote the local biodiversity, such as the maintenance of wetlands and the calls of rupicolous birds, are also being implemented.
LafargeHolcim is an important building materials company and is part of External Advisory Council (EAC) of the LIFE RIBERMINE Project.
After visiting “La Chanta”, the group traveled to Peñalén, where they visited the intervention areas of the Santa Engracia mine, taking the opportunity to monitor the development of the Project, namely the evolution of the revegetation processes.
During this journey, knowledge about restoration techniques and new ideas were shared, becoming a truly enriching experience!

Advances in the revegetation process in Santa Engracia.

Members of LafargeHolcim and Proyecto Life Ribermine, during the visit to the Santa Engracia mine.