Students from the chair “Geomorphic Processes and Restoration of the Physical Environment”, from the “Máster de Restauración en Ecosistemas “ (, visited the works of the LIFE RIBERMINE project in Peñalén, on January 20th 2021.
This prestigious master’s degree, ranked among the most recognized in Spain in the environmental field, according to different rankings, is taught by four public universities in the Community of Madrid (Universidad de Alcalá – UAH, Universidad Complutense de Madrid – UCM, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid – UPM and Rey Juan Carlos University – URJ).

Specifically, the visit was conducted by Professors from UCM, a partner of LIFE RIBERMINE. Among the 40 students, there are different nationalities (for example Latvia, Mexico, Ecuador and Argentina), which will contribute to the dissemination of the activities of this master’s degree and the LIFE RIBERMINE project, in an international context.
Despite the rain, snow, fog, wind and cold, this was undoubtedly an unforgettable and valuable study visit!

Photo of the group from the ““Máster de
Restauración en Ecosistemas” (”, that visited the LIFE RIBERMINE project in Peñalén.