Paul Royal, inventor of the Talus Royal® method, has made a visit to the restoration scenarios of the LIFE RIBERMINE project in Peñalén, from February the 3rd to the 5th, 2021, in order to organize the planning of the practical works of Talus Royal®, in these locations.

During this visit, Paul was accompanied by the heads of the UCM partner, José Francisco Martín Duque and Cristina Martín Moreno, and also other project collaborators interested in the ROYAL® method.

During the visit, the characteristics of the rocks were observed in their “natural” state, as well as the area of action itself, with the aim of planning and taking the necessary measures to the next restoration works that will be carried out within the framework of the project LIFE RIBERMINE. In addition, Paul and the other the participants, were also able to observe the results of the first phase of restoration carried out in Peñalén, showing great interest.
The monitoring of the works, by the creators of the methods and techniques applied in the project, is one of its objectives, and LIFE RIBERMINE continues to fulfill!

Photo of Paul Royal’s second visit to the LIFE RIBERMINE project in Peñalen. Standing, Paul Royal wearing a hat, and other project collaborators. Below, Cristina M. Moreno and José F. M. Duque from UCM.