The Monitoring Committee of LIFE RIBERMINE, met on the past December 2nd, 2020, for its third Meeting. Like the previous (that happened in May), it was held online, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The project coordinator (Consejería de Desarrollo Sostenible, Dirección General de Transición Energética- Minas JCCM) organized the event, which was attended by 19 people, belonging to the coordination, representatives of all partners, and some entities linked to the project, namely the “Parque Natural Alto Tajo” and “Fundación TORMES-EB”.
The coordinator commented the general situation of the Project, and the partners had the opportunity to present and review the advances made since the last project coordination meeting. Some of the notable news are the incorporation of a technical coordinator into the project, the functional website and social networks, and the approval of the Communication Plan.

Remarkable main goals of LIFE RIBERMINE were achieved: the “Santa Engracia Restoration Plan” was completed and approved, as well as the implementation and near conclusion of the first phase of the practical restoration works in Santa Engracia, according to planned.
After the revision of the financial situation of the project, took place the organization and definition of commitments for the next 6 months (up to the next coordinating meeting), including the elaboration of the “Lousal Restoration Plan”.
Despite all the constraints and some delays resulting from the current health situation and the impossibility of the partners to meet in person, the LIFE RIBERMINE project continues to make its way and to fulfill the objectives it has set to itself!

Some of the participants in the third Coordination Meeting of the LIFE RIBERMINE project (through TEAMS Microsoft).