The LIFE RIBERMINE project will participate with some presentations, in the 2nd edition of the course “New technologies applied in the restoration of mining exploitations” (Restauración Canteras Tecmine II) which will take place from 24th to 27th November 2020, in a joint organization of the LIFE TECMINE project (, VAERSA (public environmental company of Generalitat Valenciana) and UPM – ETSI Montes (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid – Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeneniería de Montes, Florestal y del Medio Natural).
The conferences will take place online, from 26th to 27th November, and there will be a field trip on 27th November, to Mina Fortuna in Ademuz (Valencia).
This practical course is aimed at professionals in the mining restoration sector, technicians from administrations, students and other elements of technological centers and universities. It intends to train participants in the new technologies applied in the restoration of mining operations, in the field of geomorphology, hydrology, edaphology and vegetation establishment. It covers several themes, distributed over 21 teaching hours, in the following blocks: 1 – Mines stability and integration; 2 – Hydrogeomorphological restoration, 3 – Creation of a functional soils, 4 – Vegetation establishment, 5 – Evaluation and monitoring, and, Examples of sustainable restoration: LIFE RIBERMINE and LIFE TECMINE.

Several members linked to the LIFE RIBERMINE project will speak, namely José Francisco Martín Duque (UCM – Universidad Complutense de Madrid), who will teach about geomorphological restoration, Javier de la Villa Albares (Head of the Castilla La Mancha Mining Services) who will demonstrate the LIFE project RIBERMINE as an example of sustainable restoration, and José Manuel Nicolau (UNIZAR – Universidad de Zaragoza) whose focus is the hydrological factors and water management in the restoration of quarries, and will accompany the technical field visit.
The participation of LIFE RIBERMINE in this course – which will promote dialogue between the various participants and an effective exchange of experiences and advanced knowledge in the area of mining restoration, through the sharing of methodologies and results of concrete cases – is of great relevance.

Dissemination of the online course ““Nuevas tecnologías aplicadas en la restauración de explotaciones mineras”, 2ª edición”.