Last Monday, June 10th, 2024, LIFE RIBERMINE has received an important recognition. This is the 2024 Environment Award of the Castile – La Mancha Region (Spain), in its Environmental Quality category. The event was chaired by the President of this Spanish Autonomous Community, Mr. Emiliano García Page, and by the Minister of Sustainable Development, Ms. Mª Mercedes Gómez Rodríguez. On behalf of the LIFE RIBERMINE team, Javier de La Villa Albares, María Tejedor Palomino and José F. Martín Duque attended the event and received the award. They all appear in the attached photograph. This distinction, the most important in environmental matters at the level of the Autonomous Community of Spain, represents unequivocal recognition of the work of the entire LIFE RIBERMINE team, a few weeks after completing the project.