The LIFE RIBERMINE project will be co-organising a conference next Thursday, 18 April 2024, at 12.30pm Spanish time (11.30am Portuguese time). The conference can be followed online by registering in advance. The speaker, Pete Whitbread-Abrutat, is a world-renowned expert in the conversion of mines to new uses for post-extractive activity: (1) He was a key player in the rehabilitation of a large kaolin mine in the UK, which was converted into the Eden Project, https://www.edenproject. com, perhaps one of the world’s most extraordinary examples of mine reclamation; (2) He is co-author of the second edition of the book 101 Things to Do with a Hole in the Ground, which includes a selection of the most spectacular and imaginative examples from around the world of the conversion of mines for post-mining uses. With this in mind, we are also pleased to announce that this second edition of the book will include LIFE RIBERMINE as one of the 101 outstanding cases of mine reclamation worldwide, and as the only international example of Geomorphological and Landscape Restoration.