Following the conclusion of the project on March 16th, LIFE RIBERMINE project received the final visit from ELMEN’s external monitoring team and the CINEA project consultant on the March 19th and 20th.

On the March 19th, the different action areas of the former Santa Engrácia mine were visited in Peñalén (Guadalajara) and a meeting was held at the office in Toledo, where the main results of the project were discussed and the actions in Lousal (Portugal) were presented.

The visit was attended by Alipio García, Director General of Energy Transition, Rubén García, Delegate of the Regional Ministry for Sustainable Development in Guadalajara, Ángel Vela, Director of the Alto Tajo Natural Park, and Javier Cascajero, Mayor of Peñalén.
Participants included members of all the project’s partners and UCM associates, highlighting the presence of CCVLousal members who travelled from Portugal for the event.
All the participants had the opportunity to explain in situ, in each area of the project, the actions carried out and the results obtained.

On the March 20th, the meeting took place at the Consejería de Desarrollo Sostenible de la Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha, in Toledo.
During the meeting, the Lousal pilot area was presented, as well as the results of the project’s communication and dissemination.

After the advisers’ visit, the project continues into its After Life period.