The geomorphological remodelling work at the Santa Engracia mine has come to an end. Between June 26th and July 10th, the machines were working in an area of the mine shaft, the last sector to be restored.
With this last campaign, a total of 11 ha of remodelled surface on the main front (track to Poveda) of the Santa Engracia mine have been completed.

View of Santa Engracia mine, summer 2023

In addition, work has been carried out to remove, transport and spread colluvium over the geoforms created.
Once the earthmoving phase has been completed, the project will focus its efforts on continuing the soil conditioning and revegetation actions, which have already been carried out in the areas where the geomorphological remodelling was being built.
With all these advances, the LIFE RIBERMINE project is moving towards its final phase.

Spreading of colluvium (brown tones) for soil replacement