The LIFE RIBERMINE project has organised, in collaboration with the Complutense University of Madrid, a workshop, conference and field trip by Professor Greg Hancock, expert in the SIBERIA software, which is being applied in LIFE RIBERMINE. The presentation “Landscape Evolution Modelling for forecasting erosion at post-mining landscape” took place on April 20th 2023.

Greg Hancock during the presentation about Landscape Evolution Modelling.

In his presentation, Greg Hancock showed the use of SIBERIA to predict erosion in mining areas, giving an Australian example and also LIFE RIBERMINE example.
The use of SIBERIA is one of the innovations of LIFE RIBERMINE, being the first time it has been used in Europe,, to evaluate the stability of restoration models against erosion, and at the same time to calibrate SIBERIA.

Greg Hancock with LIFE RIBERMINE team.

The following day, Greg Hancock travelled to Peñalén with part of the project team to visit the areas restored using Geofluv-Natural Regrade.

Greg Hancock in the restored areas of the LIFE RIBERMINE project.