Students of the subject “Geomorphological Processes and Restoration of the Physical Environment”, of the “Master in Ecosystem Restoration” (, once again visited the areas restored in the framework of the LIFE RIBERMINE project.

Photo of the students of the Master in Ecosystem Restoration during the visit on 20 January 2023.

The visit, directed by José Francisco Martín Duque (UCM) took place on 20 January 2023 and was attended by a total of 27 students of different nationalities (Peru, Argentina, Estonia, Portugal, Colombia and Ecuador) and also Spaniards from different autonomous communities.

Turbid water coming out of a still unrestored area

Despite the intense cold and the snowfall of the last few days, the students were able to verify in situ the recovery of the restored areas and their resistance to erosion, observing how the unrestored areas had runoff with turbid water, while the water coming out of the restored areas was less and very clear. This is evidence that the work carried out is contributing to reducing sediment emission and therefore improving the quality of the water and river ecosystems downstream.

Clean water coming out of a restored basin with geomorphological principles.