The video “Geomorphological restoration and monitoring at the Santa Engracia mine (Peñalén, Spain)” made within the framework of the LIFE RIBERMINE project, has been awarded with the second prize in the video category of the XI Concurso de Divulgación Científica UCM promoted by the Oficina de Transferencia de Resultados de Investigación (OTRI) of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid ( Its authors are Cristina Martín Moreno, Javier de la Villa Albar, José Francisco Martín Duque, María Tejedor Palomino, Lázaro Sánchez Castillo, Quirico Rubio Sanz, Ángel Moya and Miguel Ángel Langa, Quirico Rubio Sanz, Ángel Moya and Miguel Ángel Langa.
The jury of the “11th UCM Science Dissemination Contest”, composed of experts in science communication and chaired by the vice-rector for Research and Transfer of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM), unanimously decided to award fifteen works, and to give two special mentions among the six categories of the competition. Therefore, in this 2022 edition, 17 awards have been granted among the 80 works presented.
This award is an achievement for the authors of the video and the whole LIFE RIBERMINE project and encourages the advancing and disseminating of the results. The project would also like to thank the members of the jury: Vice-Rector for Research and Transfer Margarita San Andrés (president), the director of the OTRI Mercedes Taravillo (secretary), the science journalist of the EFE Agency, Noemí Gómez, the broadcaster of “A Hombros de Gigantes” of RNE, Manuel Seara, the director of “The Conversation España”, Luis Felipe Torrente, the editor-in-chief of science and environment of The Conversation and of the QUO magazine, Lorena Sánchez, and the director of Scientific Culture and Innovation of FECYT, Rosa Capeáns, whom selected our video, thus helping to give a greater visibility to the project.