The Coordination Group of the Spanish Autonomous Communities, coordinated by the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge, learned about the LIFE RIBERMINE Project, on February the 10th.
The Coordination Groups are discussion fórums, focused on specific sectoral policies related to the environment and community financing. They intend to develop proposals and ideas for the integration of the environment in sectoral policies, that address, among them, mining. In this context, the LIFE RIBERMINE project has been presented as an example of ecological restoration applied to the mining sector.
The meeting was held by videoconference, and attended by the responsibles for the mining authorities in the Administrations of the Autonomous Communities, and, the Ministry itself. At this reunion, Javier de la Villa, Head of the Mining Service of the Castilla-La Mancha Community Board and coordinator of the LIFE RIBERMINE project, gave a presentation on different applied ecological restoration techniques and the results obtained to date.
The project has been well received by attendees and has aroused great interest.

Presentation of the Project.