Students of the subject “Geomorphological Processes and Restoration of the Physical Environment”, of the “University Master’s Degree in Ecosystem Restoration – MURE” (, have visited the scenarios restored in the framework of the LIFE RIBERMINE project in Peñalén. The visit took place on the 21st January 2022.
A total of 35 students, in addition to seeing some of the GeoFluv TM pilot projects in the Upper Tagus, were able to see in person the scenarios already restored in the Santa Engracia mine in Peñalén.
The Master’s Degree in Ecosystem Restoration is taught by four public universities in the Community of Madrid (Universidad de Alcalá – UAH, Universidad Complutense de Madrid – UCM, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid – UPM and Universidad Rey Juan Carlos – URJ) and it is usual for students of different nationalities to participate in it. In this visit, there were students from Spain, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Bolivia, and Ecuador. This helps to spread the LIFE RIBERMINE project at an international level.
The students showed great interest in the project and asked several questions. One aspect that caught their attention was the relationship between the restoration of areas degraded by mining and the improvement of aquatic ecosystems downstream, already in the Upper Tagus Natural Park, the main objective of this project, in Spain.

Photo of the students of the “Master in Ecosystem Restoration” and teachers who attended the visit of the LIFE RIBERMINE project in Peñalén.