Javier de La Villa Albares and José F. Martín Duque presented the LIFE RIBERMINE project at the prestigious “National Environmental Congress (CONAMA)”, on May 31st, 2021. CONAMA is a participatory process that is developed by promoting networks and analyzing relevant issues for the sector, promoting the study of environmental problems and connecting complementary sectors.
Specifically, this presentation was registered in the session entitled INNOVATION FOR THE PROTECTION OF NATURAL HERITAGE AND BIODIVERSITY. The title of the presentation was ‘THE LIFE RIBERMINE PROJECT – Innovation and world vanguard in mining restoration in Castilla-La Mancha’. Although the title referred to Castilla – La Mancha, as it is a Spanish National Congress, the interventions planned in Lousal were also explained.
During the presentation, the restoration techniques carried out in the project were explained and the evolution in the areas of action was shown. The presentation aroused great interest among the attendees, that posed questions focused on finding out if the mining restoration techniques used in LIFE RIBERMINE were being transferred at the Spanish and European levels.


Javier de la Villa, coordinator of the LIFE RIBERMINE project, during the oral communication at CONAMA./em>