On September 29th, 2020, a visit was received from the president of the Confederación Hidrográfica del Tajo (Tagus Hydrographic Confederation), Antonio Yáñez; the water commissioner, Javier Díaz-Regañón and technical staff of the aforementioned Confederation to the works of the LIFE RIBERMINE project, accompanied by the project partners composed by researchers from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Complutense University of Madrid); the representatives of the company CAOBAR S.A., in charge of carrying out the restoration Works, and the Dirección General de Transición Energética (General Directorate of Energy Transition), belonging to the Consejería de Desarrollo Sostenible (Department of Sustainable Development), in charge of coordinating the project.
The event was also attended by the Deputy Minister of Sustainable Development, Fernando Marchán, who had the opportunity to visit the locations of the actions and monitor the current phases of the project. Likewise, the presence of the management of the Alto Tajo Natural Park, José Antonio Lozano, should be noted.

The conference took place in the municipalities of Peñalem, where the actions of the project are being carried out, and Poveda de la Sierra, in the province of Guadalajara. This project is dedicated to the restoration of the old Santa Engracia mine, located in the vicinity of the Parque Natural del Alto Tajo (Alto Tajo Natural Park). Since that one of the fundamental objectives of the LIFE RIBERMINE project is to reduce the hydromorphological pressure of the old mining activity in the upper channel of the Tagus River, receiving the visit of the representatives of the Tagus Hydrographic Confederation is fundamental due to its role as a necessary collaborator in this Project. It was an opportunity to know all the implications that the LIFE RIBERMINE project is going to have in this environment of high ecological value.

Visite of the CHT together with the Vicepresidente de Desarrollo Sostenible and some of the partners of LIFE RIBERMINE. The entourage included Antonio Yáñez (Presidente de la CHT), Javier Díaz-Regañón, Comisario de aguas), Fernando Marchán (Viceconsejero Desarrollo Sostenible), Javier de la Villa, José Antonio Lozano and Francisco Delgado (JCCM), Lázaro Sánchez (CAOBAR S.A.) ad José Francisco Martín (UCM).