The LIFE RIBERMINE Project was present at the Final Conference of the LIFE BIODISCOVERIES Project, ( on the 23rd and 24th September 2020. Due to the current conditions, the lectures were held online. The only face-to-face moment was the field trip to the intervention area of the Project, in “Mata Nacional da Machada”, during the morning of the 24th.
The LIFE BIODISCOVERIES Project is developed by the Municipality of Barreiro (Portugal), with the main objective of controlling invasive plants in the area of the “Mata Nacional da Machada” and the “Sapal do Rio Coina”, that compose the “Reserva Natural Local do Barreiro”, namely acacia trees (Acacia spp.) and parrot (Carpobrotus spp.). This Project, which has been developing its actions to combat exotic plants and perform ecological restoration, since 2014, has a particularity: the field action are carried out essentially through volunteering (e.g. individuals, families, schools, associations, companies), and with the participation of prisoners at the end of their sentences, under a protocol established with the Montijo Prison, who were part of the field technical team. It is thus, an example of social integration, involvement and accountability of citizens and populations, in the management and conservation of their natural heritage.

The LIFE RIBERMINE Project made a point of participating in the final conference of the LIFE BIODISCOVERIES project, where the results of dozens of national and international projects dedicated to the control of invaders, environmental volunteering and ecosystem restoration, were presented.
During the field trip, LIFE RIBERMINE was represented by a member of the Portuguese partner Centro Ciência Viva do Lousal, having had the opportunity to participate in the visit to the “Mata Nacional da Machada”, to observe the results in situ, exchange ideas and know-how, and establish contacts for future collaborations.
The LIFE RIBERMINE network now has a new element to add to its multidisciplinary network (, which already includes other important LIFE Projects, such as LIFE TECMINE (http: //, or LIFE MONTADO-ADAPT, ( Welcome LIFE BIODISCOVERIES!

Members of the Centro Ciência Viva do Lousal, assigned to the LIFE RIBERMINE project team, attended the online conference of the LIFE BIODISCOVERIES project.

Some of the participants on the field trip to the LIFE BIODISCOVERIES project, where the LIFE RIBERMINE project was present.