The LIFE RIBERMINE project made its official presentation on September 3, 2020 in Peñalén (Guadalajara, Spain). It could not be done on the previous scheduled date due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation.
To begin, José Luis Escudero Palomo, the councilor for Sustainable Development of Castilla – La Mancha (CLM), made a presentation in one of the sceneries already restored, valuing the LIFE RIBERMINE project, led by his council. During this presentation, it was possible to observe the machinery working in situ, and video images were captured using a drone, to record the work live, and respecting all safety measures. José Francisco Martín Duque (UCM) and Javier de la Villa (Minas JCCL) complemented the presentation, explaining more details about the project to the attendees and the media present.
Then, a presentation was made to the residents of Peñalén in a room of the town hall, set up for the occasion to respect the security measures for COVID-19. Esther Rubio, mayor of Peñalén, made the opening of the event, followed by José Luis Escudero Palomo. The councilor
highlighted the important role that Life RIBERMINE plays in the area and in the autonomous region as well as its potential at the international level, also being developed in Lousal (Portugal) and a “pioneer in Europe for the methodologies and techniques used together, also a world reference in mine restoration works, as it is the most complete that known to date”.
Also attended the event: Fernando Marchán Morales, the adjoint counciler of the Environment; the general directors of Energy Transition and Natural Environment and Biodiversity, Manuel Guirao and Félix Romero, respectively; the delegate of the Board in Molina de Aragón, Antonio Herranz; the provincial delegate for Sustainable Development in Guadalajara, José Luis Tenorio; the director of the Alto Tajo Natural Park, José Antonio Lozano, as well as representatives of the rest of the Spanish partners of the project (GEACAM, CAOBAR and UCM), regretting the impossibility of assistance from the Portuguese partner (CCV Lousal), given the situation by COVID-19.

Several regional media reported the event, resulting in the different news items published below. tajo/20200903194353291467.html
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We can conclude that the Life RIBERMINE project is gaining prominence and motivating the interest of several entities and the public in general, and that this event was a success!

Several media covered the event.

Aspect of the room and assistants of the official presentation of the LIFE RIBERMINE project.

Some of the participants in the on-site presentation of the Life RIBERMINE project, on September 3, 2020.