The information panels of the LIFE RIBERMINE project are now installed in Peñalén, Guadalajara (Spain)!
On August 27, with a delay compared to what was planned due to the COVID-19 situation, 3 information panels of the project were installed in Peñalén in the different locations where RIBERMINE is being developed in Spain.

Teamwork! The design of the panels was carried out by the partner CCVLousal, while the partner UCM was in charge of preparing the specific content. The company subcontracted by the project coordinator, Proarte (, was in charge of the manufacture and printing of the panels and their installation in the indicated places. All field work was supervised by both the coordinator, Javier de la Villa, and the mayor of Peñalén, Esther Rubio.
From the LIFE RIBERMINE consortium we hope that the panels will be liked by both the residents of Peñalén and visitors and that they will be widely consulted to obtain information about the project and the actions that we are already developing.