In the last 8th of October, 2019, personnel from the mining and environmental planning departments of the Swedish company LKAB, owner of the largest iron ore mine in Europe (Kiruna, Sweden), visited the Spanish scenary (Santa Engracia mine, Peñalén , Guadalajara) of the LIFE RIBERMINE project. The visiting group also included consultants from the companies Future Terrains (United Kingdom) and Cedervall (Sweden), specialized in mining restorations.

The reason for the visit was to be informed about the actions that will be carried out by LIFE RIBERMINE, so that they can be applied at the Kiruna mine. At this meeting, an annual visit by this group to the Santa Engracia mine was agreed, to perform a detailed monitoring of the application of different mining restoration techniques on the different sceneries.

Personnel from the Swedish Kiruna mine, in front of the Santa Engracia mine (Peñalén, October 2019)

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