The Centro Ciência Viva do Lousal (CCV Lousal), recieved, on January the 15th, 2020, Javier de la Villa Albares (Minas-JCCM), member of the coordination of the LIFE RIBERMINE project. This was an occasion for the Spanish coordinator to get to know better the only Portuguese partner and to exchange ideas and clarify practical aspects regarding the internal workings, procedural and administrative actions of the project.

A pilot area will be established in Lousal, applying the techniques of ecological restoration based on geomorphological processes in order to correct the effects of Acid Mine Drainage (DAM). CCV Lousal will also play an important role in the dissemination and disclosure of LIFE RIBERMINE and its results, namely in the creation of the website and social networks of the project, organization of technical workshops and promotion of various environmental education actions, addressed to different audiences.

Meeting of the coordination with members of the Portuguese LIFE RIBERMINE project team

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