The restoration work at the Santa Engracia Mine in Peñalén does not stop! Although most of the area affected by the mining activity has already been restored, work continues in a small area of the former mining pit and the surface of the old mining highwall has been enlarged to be restored using the Talud Royal method.
From 12 to 14 February, Paul Royal himself, creator of the Talud Royal method, visited and supervised the restoration work on the old mining highwall. Previously, GEOMEX S.L. had carried out a controlled blasting to fracture the rock according to the design made by Paul Royal and from 12 to 14 February, the company Pérez y Cayuela S.L. was carrying out rock removal tasks with a backhoe to leave a suitable finish. All this work is being carried out under the supervision of TRAGSA and the management of the LIFE RIBERMINE project.

Machine working in the restoration of the old mining front following the Talud Royal method

At the same time, work was also being carried out to spread an organic amendment (manure) on a long slope that had been previously remodeled. In this case, the work was carried out by the company Albar Forestal S.L. and required a large crane (Grúas Fraile) to lift the material to the top of the slope from where the workers spread it with skill.
These works are certainly a little behind schedule due to inclement weather, but with just under a month to go before the project is completed, the appearance of the restored spaces is spectacular, and there is little left to put the “icing on the cake”.

Organic amendment application work, manure, with the help of a telescopic crane